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What would You measure on the Moon? - Request for proposals.

2015-07-16_842px-Ap16_pseThis is a Request for Proposal addressed at the Hungarian science and engineering community. Below You find the Hungarian description.

A Google Lunar XPRIZE (GLXP) egyedülálló világversenye a Hold robotokkal való felderítésének új, olcsó módszereinek fejlesztésére ösztönzi a kihívásban résztvevő csapatokat, amelyeknek 2017. december 31-ig kell – legalább 90%-ban magánerőből finanszírova - eljuttatni űrszondájukat a Holdra.

A Puli Space csapat adott esetben külön díjazást jelentő tudományos célú hasznos terhek Holdra juttatását is szeretné megvalósítani; ehhez várja a magyar tudományos és műszaki kutatók, valamint a "Citizen Science" szellemében a nagyközönség javaslatait a This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it email címen.

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Puli rocks!

Our friends from the Austrian Space Forum are working hard to pave the way for future human Mars expeditions. The newest entry in their impressive field simulations & expeditions list is the AMADEE-15 project, a two-week Mars simulation mission on a rock glacier in the Kaunertal, Austria. Team Puli is happy to be part of this mission, after our successful Moroccan desert test and Mission Maunacast!


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Under construction

Dear Puli Fans & Readers!

Our bilingual homepage is currently undergoing a critical review which will result in a redesign, both in design and offered content.

Until we come back with our fresh webpage, please refer for up to date information to our other media outlets:

And check our microsite, devoted to the Google Lunar XPRIZE Team Summit 2014 - in Budapest!


Thank You for Your understanding!

Team Puli

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LADEE has arrived, Chang'e-3 will leave on December 1st to the Moon

The American LADEE probe has already entered orbit around the Moon to investigate its barely existing atmoshere and dust envelope while the first Chinese lander will liftoff in one and a half month to our celestial companion. Its arrival will mark the end of the 37-year-long hiatus since the last human-made object soft landed on the Moon.

The Chang'e-3 rover on a field test in the Kumtag desert last year.

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How to: crocheted Puli

If you liked the little crocheted Puli we presented a while ago, and you have since wondered how was it made - the wait is over! Below you can find the detailed instructions to crochet our mascot. Bring the hooks!

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