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Exploring rough terrains under extreme conditions




Puli aims to become a widely recognized participant in the fast growing private deep space industry, building on experience from the Google Lunar XPRIZE challenge. We explore new directions in technology and manufacturing processes, particularly in the field of space and lunar exploration. There’s no doubt this would significantly contribute the economy over the coming decades. We also always keep an eye on down-to-Earth applications.

● Develop an affordable lightweight planetary rover platform

● Inspire and realize down-to-Earth applications

● Catapult Hungary to the Moon


Team Puli consists of 15+ active members, mostly young professional volunteers, covering a broad spectrum of fields: engineers, physicists, geographers, IT, as well as marketing, PR, and law representatives. Volunteers have invested round 70,000 hours of work since the start of the project. The team is led by founder Tibor Pacher, PhD., physicist, who has served as a manager and advisor in numerous international projects.


Since its founding in summer 2010, Team Puli has built several protoypes of its Moon rover, conducted three major field tests in various Moon and Mars analogue environments in the Moroccan desert, on the slopes of the Mauna Kea volcano in Hawaii, and on a rock glacier in the Alps. We hosted the 2014 Google Lunar XPRIZE Team Summit in Budapest, and educated and inspired thousands of people all over the world.


We are currently preparing our final Moon rover design, taking into account the boundary conditions given by the Peregrine lander of our Moon delivery partner, Astrobotic, Inc.. Estimated launch time is the second halfth in 2019. On the down-to-Earth side, the prototype of our landmine detection and mapping system is under construction.

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