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2018.07.21 - Space Mining ideas are gaining momentum

Press release (HU): PuliSpace_Sajtokozlemeny_Puli_Holdbányászat_2018_07_21.pdf

2018.01.02 - Puli I2.6 lost on the way to Mumbai - 2017 through Puli's eyes

Press release (HU): PuliSpace_Sajtokozlemeny_Elveszett_Puli_Holdfalu_2018_01_02.pdf

2017.01.27 - Team Puli continues its Mission to the Moon

Press release (HU): PuliSpace_Sajtoközlemeny_A_Puli_folytatja_2017_01_27.pdf

2016.08.31 - Team Puli reserves a Ride to the Moon with Astrobotic

Press release (HU): PuliSpace_Sajtoközlemeny_Astrobotic_2016_08_31.pdf

Press release (EN): Puli Press Release Astrobotic_2016_08_31.pdf

2016.06.12 - Rover driver licence for Space Cadets

Press release (HU): PuliSpace_Sajtokozlemeny_Űrkadét_2016_06_12.pdf

2016.04.19 - Modern tales in the startup world

Press release (HU): PuliSpace_Sajtomeghívó_2016_Modern_Mesék_2016_04_19.doc

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