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2018.07.21 - Space Mining ideas are gaining momentum

Press release (HU): PuliSpace_Sajtokozlemeny_Puli_Holdbányászat_2018_07_21.pdf

2018.01.02 - Puli I2.6 lost on the way to Mumbai - 2017 through Puli's eyes

Press release (HU): PuliSpace_Sajtokozlemeny_Elveszett_Puli_Holdfalu_2018_01_02.pdf

2017.01.27 - Team Puli continues its Mission to the Moon

Press release (HU): PuliSpace_Sajtoközlemeny_A_Puli_folytatja_2017_01_27.pdf

2016.08.31 - Team Puli reserves a Ride to the Moon with Astrobotic

Press release (HU): PuliSpace_Sajtoközlemeny_Astrobotic_2016_08_31.pdf

Press release (EN): Puli Press Release Astrobotic_2016_08_31.pdf

2016.06.12 - Rover driver licence for Space Cadets

Press release (HU): PuliSpace_Sajtokozlemeny_Űrkadét_2016_06_12.pdf

2016.04.19 - Modern tales in the startup world

Press release (HU): PuliSpace_Sajtomeghívó_2016_Modern_Mesék_2016_04_19.doc

2016.03.21 - Interstellar messages - from Earth to Earth

Press release (HU): PuliSpace_Sajtomeghívó_2016_Ismeretterjesztés_Lomberg_2016_03_21.doc

2015.12.09 - Ticket to the Moon #2 - the second Verified Launch Contract in the Google Lunar XPRIZE

Press release (HU): PuliSpace_Sajtokozlemeny_MoonExpress_GLXP_Indítás_2015_12_09.pdf

2015.11.11 - The Space Puli spreads the word about Hungarian innovations

Press release (HU): PuliSpace_Sajtokozlemeny_Summit+EPO_2015_11-11.pdf

2015.10.07 - Ticket to the Moon - the first official Launch Notification in the Google Lunar XPRIZE

Press release (HU): PuliSpace_Sajtokozlemeny_SpaceIL_GLXP_Indítás_2015_10_07.pdf

2015.09.14 - Democratic space & the Moon as the new "Final Frontier"?

Press release (HU): PuliSpace_Sajtokozlemeny_Meetup_Demokratikus_vilagur_2015_09_14.pdf

2015.08.05 - Puli rocks! It landed on the Kaunertal rock glacier.

Press release (HU): PuliSpace_Sajtokozlemeny_AMADEE15_2015_08_05.pdf

2015.07.13 - Puli Space starts Meetup series

2014.09.15 - Tuxera Sponsors Hungary’s Team Puli Space

2014.05.09 - Pioneers of the new Moon Race meet in Budapest

2013.12.04-17 - Puli at the Pacific International Space Center for Exploration Systems (PISCES)

  • Images:
  • 2013-12-09_Haiwahini_volgy_101_8211 2013-12-10_1_I2.5_bevetesre_keszen_101_8227 2013-12-10_2_I25_rover_120209 2013-12-10_Elfujta_a_szel_1_101_8249 2013-12-10_Elfujta_a_szel_2_101_8254

For videos please go to our YouTube channel.

2013.05.31 - The hungarian Puli moon rover has returned from the Sahara

2013.02.12 - World class air navigation company sponsors Puli Space’s Saharan field simulation test

2012.12.23 - Team Puli's I2 test rover is ready for Moroccan desert test

2012.12.11 - "Young Pulis" Team HungaroBots wins world class competition

2012.09.24 - Introducing the terrestrial simulation rover of the Puli team

2012.02.27 - Team Puli looks for industry partners

2011.07.12 - S&T Hungary Consulting is First Golden Sponsor of GLXP Team Puli Space

2011.04.07 - Yuri's Night: Science meets Art - grand event commemorating the 50 years of manned spaceflight (2011.04.12)

2011.02.17 - Team Puli Space is an official GLXP team:

2011.01.10 - Team Puli has collected the complete registration fee for the GLXP:

2010.12.22 - Registration within arm's reach:

2010.12.15 - Call for supporters:

2010.11.04 - Ipsos poll results.

2010.09.16 - .Press conference

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