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CYEB is being run by:

Márton Szebeni

Márton was born in the town of Cegléd (Hungary). He took his degree of electrical engineering in 1990 at the Technical University of Budapest. He wrote his university thesis at the Technical University of Vienna. He started his career at companies with informatics profile, and promoted the start-up of several successful informatics companies (such as evosoft Hungary Kft, T-Systems Regional Research Centre). Following a lot of informatics projects he has been familiarized also with the world of energetics since 2006. He is the founder and owner of the CYEB group of companies. The Group has implemented projects to increase energy efficiency in Hungary and in Romania. The company also deals with energy trading in Hungary. Márton has personal relations with several industrial companies in both countries. Due to his connections he can get professional and material support for the development of the project. He knows those companies which are able to ensure the extreme conditions (cold, warm, radiation, dust, magnetic fields, etc.) required to the testing of the moon-vehicle to be developed. He is a member of the Presidium of the Organization in Esztergom of the Scientific Association for Energy Management.

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