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Back to Moon - 21st July

Remembering Apollo 11 and looking forward into the next 50 years:
why and how will be rewarding
to participate in the creation of the cislunar economy.


Time is flying - this summer we will remember the 50th anniversary of the Moon landing of Apollo 11. There will be a lot of memorial events, and we organize, of course, our own event as well. And be sure, we are preparing a very spacial one!

We will not only remember the Apollo program and pay tribute to its historical events. In addition to commemoration, the emphasis will be on emerging robotic lunar surface expeditions, especially the role of the private sector and its business opportunities in the emerging cislunar economy - both in the short (next 5 years) and the long (up to 20-30 years) run.

We will touch the current status of the programs of big Space Agencies - NASA, ESA, China, Roscosmos, Jaxa (Japan), ISRO (India), - but we then turn our attention mostly to private initiatives like the Google Lunar XPRIZE, The Moon Race, Moon Village Associaton. Besides marketing and investment opportunities the inspirational, educational and PR aspects will be discussed as well.

Well-known experts and key players of the private sector give valuable insights of what is happening right now and what are their expectations for the future of the cislunar economy.

You can find more details at our microsite backtothemoon.pulispace.com. Participation is free, but registration is needed. You can register here.

Space is future, and the next big step is Back to the Moon - this time to stay! Tell about our unique event to Your business partners, and join us in shaping this bold future.

We will be happy to see You soon in the Holdudvar (MoonYard) on Margitsziget, also on behalf of our partners, the Hungarian Interplanetary Society and the Moon Village Association.

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