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First steps of the Puli - monthly report on our activities

We're definitely barking! Our first month of activity has brought a mountain of things to do, and we have proudly succeeded in organizing it. This is a bigger archievement than it seems,as in June, starting from a small group of enthusiastic people, our team turned into a functioning organization within a month.

We now have a name: Puli Space Technologies. We also have a face, or at least a homepage in beta version, which will grow to be our main channel for giving information about our progress. And what is less obvious, but more important: we now have a sturdy backbone and a quickly developing body. We have managed to set up a functioning corporate structure consisting of departments with clearly defined tasks. Each task is handled through a ticketing system, ensuring the clear definition of required deliverables, milestones and deadlines. Also, our team has quadrupled and now has a total nearing 20 members (and counting) ranging from engineers and economists to dedicated volunteers. We still need a lot of helping hands so keep those CVs coming. New applicants are immediately assigned to the proper level in their respective department depending on their expertise and personal interests. This way everybody is quickly integrated into the team and has a clear idea about possible responsibilities.

Our knowledge base has also been established and is currently filling up with ideas on what the Puli should look like and how it will get to the Moon.

By mid August we should have an outline of a mission plan to send our self-built probe to the Moon, and various legal matters will be taken care of by then. Stay with us.

Last Updated (Sunday, 08 August 2010 19:33)

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