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KÜRT recovered our data!


The summer heat has challenged not only the people, but Team Puli, and its technology too: e.g., IT failures are more common in this part of the year. And, sadly, one of the important hard drives of Puli - the one on which we store the raw material of our outreach videos -, suffered a serious breakdown as well. Although the data are regularly saved on a separate disc,  due to the disc failure some of the critical data for our educational mission became unavailable.

Fortunately, this was only temporal: KÜRT Co. has heard about our struggles, and gave us help. Even though the hard drive had to be taken to pieces, the professionals of KÜRT returned all of our data without loss. After their help, an agreement has been made between Puli and KÜRT, and thus we happily greet KÜRT among our bronze sponsors!

KÜRT has grown from a Hungarian family business to an international corporation. It already has 22 years of research and development behind in the fields of technologies and solutions aiming to protect information, prevent loss of data, and recover lost data. Since the start in 1989, the inducement of every activity in KÜRT is innovation, state-of-the-art technology, and commitment to high quality. Every year, KÜRT solves around 2500 data recovery problems with success.

For developing the technology of data recovery, KÜRT was awarded in 1994 with the Grand Prix of innovation for the year’s most important technological development.

Since then, KÜRT’s data recovery know-how was purchased in the countries of 3 continents.

With its project experience and innovative team of outstanding experts KÜRT has earned serious reputation and has been awarded Business Superbrand in three consecutive years (2008, 2009 and 2010). In the future KÜRT aims to lead the market in Hungary in the fields of information management and data recovery services, and its vision is to become a corporation that is recognized as a standard of the international market with its competitive services and so to develop the culture of information security. In terms of that KÜRT is continuously and proactively developing its portfolio.

We are grateful to KÜRT for aiding us in our mission!


Last Updated (Tuesday, 20 September 2011 21:54)

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