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First impressions about the Bridge of Sciences

2011-09-photo_STOP_Leb_dmThe organizers of the Bridge of Sciences expected around 3,000 visitors. Estimated 20,000 came, so it is not a big surprise that some traffic jams formed. This happened at our booth as well - it was hard to get through to us. Wow!

Under picture book weather conditions many people came to the Chain Bridge. Let us take a birds' point of view just after opening the bridge to the public. Enjoy this awesome image by STOP/Leéb Ádám!

I believe then that it is not an understatement to say: the event, and within that, Team Puli Space's presentation was a HUGE SUCCESS! Congrats & kudos to the organizers, and of course, we are more than happy to report, that our lectures on the central stage as well as the Puli Space booth attracted many visitors.


Here some first photo impressions; more detailed reports & videos will follow.


Touching the Moon (well, almost ;-))


Explaining our Google Lunar X PRIZE mission - Team Members Miklós Pathy and Tamás Látos. Image credit: nyugat.hu


Google Lunar X PRIZE on Chain Bridge of Budapest.


Pulis on duty. From the left (in white Puli Space T-shirts): Tamás Kerékgyártó, Zoltán Bosnyák, Zoltán Bereczky.


Our Concept Rover is Touring on the Chain Bridge - the Bridge of Sciences.


Our Concept Rover is Touring on the Chain Bridge - the Bridge of Sciences - #2

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