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Meet us on the Bridge of Sciences

Meet us on the 17th of September on the Bridge of Sciences!

Located on the picturesque Chain Bridge in the heart of Budapest, a large open air science fair awaits all visitors with programs for all ages. Yes, there will be dry ice, but the lineup also includes robot football, vulcanologists, nanobus, moonrocks, floating superconductors, and many cutting edge innovations from Hungary including yours truly, with our latest rover designs, flight plans and enthusiastic Team Puli members who will gladly show you how a moonrover is being built. Find us next to the beer stalls (where else...) or listen to our presentations on the main stage where Zoltán E. Kovács will talk about why the Moon does not fall on our head (16:05), the 60 years of Moon exploration by Márton Deák (16:25) or how the Puli will get to the Moon by team leader Tibor Pacher (16:45). A flyer of the event can be found here, the official page of the Bridge of Science is at http://www.facebook.com/tudomanyokhidja.

See you there!

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