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Colabs Pre-Launch Party - A Puli experience

So, what is Colabs? And why did Puli Space Technologies decide to be there?

We had our final answer after meeting with the Colabs team and a lot of interesting people and companies at the Pre-Launch Party, an unofficial opening of the place. And the best part was (we can't get tired of it) that they found us equally interesting. We discussed topics like how we intend to reach the Moon, why we want to do it, what is needed to do it, durnig the evening of July 5th. All tough and complicated questions and we had a hard time to convince everybody but we succeeded.


Our audience came with various backgrounds to the Colabs Startup Center, almost exquisitely to meet us, share their thoughts, ask questions and even to offer us help. A few examples: an indian-english gentleman, aeronautics engineer for decades, who worked with NASA a few times as well. Then we talked with  a HR consultant, a marketing expert and with IT engineers as well (let's admit, we attract them particularly). As for companies, we got to know the Start IT Kft., dealer of Fit-PCs (eco-friendly computers). They presented PCs of surprising size and energy consumption and with a lifetime of decades that allow us to leave more money in our pockets or accounts. We had a positive response from Kütyüshop (transl. Gadgetshop) who really know that gadgets are really useful even on the surface of the Moon.

Playing with our demo-rover, Teve.

We are part of Colabs' alternative working environment from now on. The evening was a great example of the new concept of today's generation about the buzz in the business life: where meetings with new investors and contractors are not limited to cocktail parties and dinners but happen at everyday workplaces as well. Just round up experts from different fields and they will come up with something new and profitable. Puli and Colabs has found a common ground... alternative Moon research and alternative workplaces suggest that the 21st century is really everywhere.

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