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Puli MOM Tablet

Birthday, Christmas, wedding, or birth? Money is not the problem, but You don´t have any idea?

The Puli helps!

The greatest time capsule of our time is in the making in Hallstatt, Austria, in the oldest known salt mine of the world. Martin Kunze crafts uniqe modern “clay tablets”, which may serve as an exclusive, eternal gift as well.


One tablet will be stored in the salt mine of Hallstatt - a duplicate, a certificate and a token pointing to the Memory of Mankind time capsule place will be delivered to You in a special gift box.

You will be shining out of the crowd, guaranteed - Your present is something which will stay in eternity!

For companies as well!

The Puli MOM eternal tablet costs $349,90,(You can choose to pay in Euro as well.) For the making You have to send us a printable creative - either a 2.300 pixel x 2.222 pixel jpg file, in CMYK colour scale, or in pdf, 19,5 cm x 19 cm, with 300 dpi resolution in both cases. For some more details and

to order click here!

You can combine Your MOM Tablet with sending Your Moon Characters to the Moon!


Payment: via PayPal (allows for credit card payment as well) in USD or EUR, as chosen in the order form. We will  send a pro forma invoice.


After payment within 3-5 weeks, depending on the production time of our partner.

Puli to the Moon!

Please remember: buying a Puli MOM Eternal Tablet You give not only a wonderful present to Your loved ones - you help

in pushing Hungary to the Moon!

Still questions? Drop an email to marketing at pulispace.com.


This is a company tablet:


For our other international sales: check out our Zazzle store here!



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