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MOM on the Moon



The Memory of Mankind (MOM) is the largest time capsule project of mankind, preserving a picture of our time for future generations.  MOM will provide a testimony to our lives and to the time in which we live.


Ceramic tablets (20 cm x 20 cm), containing texts and images are stored in a salt mine in Hallstatt, Austria. On a Level 1 tablet a custom made creative - which may contain images and texts - is printed and fixed with a thermal procedure, while Level 2 tablets, also called ceramic microfilms, can carry 5 million laser engraved characters, readable already with a 10x magnifier. To enable MOM records to be found again, ceramic tokens are distributed around the world which show a symbolic representation of the location.


MOM on the MOON

mom-tokenPuli Space will carry a MOM token and up to six tablets of ceramic microfilm - also Level 2 tablets - to the Moon. The first MOM on the Moon tablet will contain names and writings of Puli's supporters, companies and private individuals as well. The content of the other tablets is still to be defined.

All tablets which will make the journey to the Moon will be of course duplicated for the MOM archive as well.

The first MOM on the Moon tablet

This very special ceramic microfilm tablet will contain a unique, colourful collection of texts - contributed to by individuals, organizations and companies. Let's get it together to the Moon, riding with Puli on the maiden mission of Astrobotic!

The content of the MOM on the Moon #1 tablet will be filled with Moon Notes.

Moon Notes

You can write a story, a testimony or just that what you want to leave for eternity in

  • 500 characters
  • 1,000 characters
  • 2,000 characters

With Your permission, we will make these texts available online.

For the conditions regarding the Text contributions and ordering, see our Puli Store.

A Business Card for the eternity

It is possible to combine any of the text options with Your individually designed Puli MOM Eternal Tablet. This tablet can also serve on its own as an ideal personal gift or an eternal  company business card. The original one goes into the MOM archive, and You'll get a duplicate of the tablet in a gift box, together with a certificate. Your name will be listed on the MOM on the Moon #1 tablet.


The Puli Launchpad Club

Members of the Puli Corporate Launchpad Club, depending on their membership contribution, will get their Puli MOM Tablet, and an appropriate Moon Note, amongst other club benefits.


on the Moon

Questions? Drop an email at office at pulispace.com!

Images: Memory of Mankind, Puli Space

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